Why Pochettino is remaining loyal to Tottenham

Juventus will have to look elsewhere to find a new manager after Mauricio Pochettino has stated that he will not be leaving Tottenham Hotspur but wants to remain with the club to make it ones of world football’s elite teams and that he is highly motivated to do so BonusBets.com report today.

Spurs are due to play Arsenal in the final of the Europa League soon as Pochettino was at pains to reiterate that he won’t be making the jump to European team Juventus. He has stated that he wants to turn them into a world class team as part of the project that he started back in 2014. The completion of their world-class stadium earlier this year was part of that transformation.

“Today Tottenham is, for me, the best club in the world when we talk about facilities. This training ground and the new stadium, which is the best in the world, there is no better club. And then it’s in London; there’s no better city, it’s England, it’s the Premier League – the toughest and most exciting league. We need to make that step, and of course, we realise we can continue in this process, and we can put Tottenham with the best teams in the world. There’s still a lot of work to do, but of course I am so motivated to stay with Tottenham and provide Tottenham with what they deserve,” he told TALKSport recently.

Spurs, this season, have reached their first ever European Cup final against Liverpool in a miraculous run that nearly saw an early exit for the club in the group stages. However, they have managed impressive wins over Dutch champions Ajax, and the current Premiership champions Manchester City as well. Any talk of Pochettino’s feature will have to wait until after the cup final as that may well have a bearing on what happens with him, but he has stated that he doesn’t want to go to any other club.

“Now, it’s about finishing the Champions League, and then we will talk about how we’re going to build that next step,” he said in an interview. “It’s between us, the owner and Daniel [Levy, club chairman]. We need to talk to know his ideas try to decide the plan to reach the last step and be in a position that makes us dream and believe we can be real contenders.”

Pochettino himself is not the only one that wants his future to continue to be with Spurs as Danny Rose has chipped in with his support of the manager.

“They [the board] must listen to the manager. He said recently that he needs to know what the next chapter of the club is. I fully agree with everything he says. Not many people could operate in the circumstances that he’s done. We had no stadium; we’ve not signed anybody,” he stated.

This has been especially surprising since Spurs have not had any funds to make transfers due to the investment in the new stadium, but it is hoped to all be worth it.