Liverpool are evolving into a cogent Premier League threat under Klopp

Jurgen Klopp

This season have been a season whereby every team’s progress has been overshadowed by the performance of Manchester City. However, this has not made Liverpool’s strives so far gone unnoticed.

Jurgen Klopp is building a team at the red part of Merseyside that will take a whole lot of time but if eventually it manifest, it will be taking the Premiership by storm. Liverpool improvement over the reign of Klopp has shown that they are a side that have to be very wary of in the future.

Since taking over in late 2015, the Reds have not finished outside the top four. Putting it in proper context, only Manchester City and Tottenham have maintained a top four finish with the likes of Arsenal, United and Chelsea missing out of the top four at one point or another. What this tells you is that, if they are not getting to win the league yet, they are not worse than they were before.

The arrival of some players at the club however have stalled the development going on at the club. Liverpool aspiration to win their first league title in over three decades will only happen when top players who have the quality and ability that could win you games are brought into the club not just average places.

This have changed now with the arrival of Virgil Van Djik. We understand that he comes at a huge fee of £75m for a defender but it’s what the market is at the moment. He has been solid most times for the Reds and this is exactly what they need going forward into next season.

Letting Coutinho go was a call that was beyond Liverpool control to keep as he will cause more damage than good if he’s allowed to continue with the squad. This have made the team change a bit in the middle of the park but Klopp have managed the resources he has perfectly well.

The way he has been using the likes of James Milner despite his age and Emre Can whose future has not been settled yet has been tremendous. Ox Chamberlain now have transformed into a player that creates more for the attack and his ratio has been decent with the limited playing time he has so far.

The trident Salah, Mane and Firmino has formed does not need to be reaffirmed. Liverpool greatest fear is that none, especially Salah, should be allowed to be priced away from them. The quality the three possesses is so exceptional that when one of the three is off form, it’s hardly obvious in the result as others complement with goals and assists.

The philosophy Klopp is building at the club should be allowed to grow and it will be a surprise if he’s not challenging for the league next season.

The only detriment to Liverpool success is Klopp inability to make his team perform consistently especially in games deem to be against “lower opponents”. If this could be sorted out, Liverpool are closer to a league title now than any time in the last decade.


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