Tottenham: Where next for Redknapp?

Taken from the Daily Mirror

As the dust starts to settle after the parting of the waves between Tottenham and Harry Redknapp, it’s becoming apparent that the decision made by the club came as something of a shock to their former manager. 

If Harry’s belligerent mood in the run-up to the sacking/resignation (I’m still not sure which) is anything to go by, His Royal Chirpiness was definitely expecting to still be in the hot seat when August comes around again.

The day after the decision was made, Redknapp gave one of his customary car-window interviews while on his way to the golf course. He expressed disappointment but no great regret, insisting that life would go on and that something would come up. The guy also made it clear that he was in no mood to consider retirement, so this all begs the question: where will Harry go from here?

A quick look at the current Premier League managerial situation reveals not only a complete lack of vacancies, apart from the one at Spurs of course, but also the fact that few, if any, opportunities will be coming up before the season starts. Recent appointments at Aston Villa, Chelsea, Liverpool, Norwich, West Brom and Swansea have all been made too soon for Redknapp’s liking, no doubt.

If either Roberto Martinez at Wigan or Everton’s David Moyes are appointed Spurs boss, and both names are already reportedly in the frame, then Redknapp’s name will undoubtedly be appearing on a list of applicants in the coming weeks. However, if former Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas gets the nod from Spurs chairman Daniel Levy then Harry might be looking to drop down a division or maybe even head abroad.

There are rumours flying around that suggest Redknapp could be heading off to the United Arab Emirates. A couple of UAE league sides are reportedly very interested in him, and there’s no doubt that a big final payday in an extremely lucrative country will hold some appeal. Throw in the fact that some of the local golf courses are among the best in the world and it could prove too tempting to ignore.

Personally, in some ways I think this would be a great shame. There’s something quintessentially English about Harry Redknapp, and I for one hope he stays in the UK and continues to spread his intriguing combination of quality football and productive man-management. 

Over the past season, Spurs were the most attractive side in the Premier League, and much of the credit for that goes to the man himself.

David Showell lives in southern England and has been a fan of flowing football for many years. He works for a car rental firm.

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