Gordon Banks…A Tribute Poem to a Heavenly, World-Class Goalkeeper

A truly world class goalkeeper
that was Gordon Banks
He helped England win the
tournament so we owe him
our thanks.
1966 was the special year
England were victorious
As Gordon Bank’s save from
Pele, won the World Cup
for us.

Now Gordon has gone to
heaven – to join a heavenly
football team,
And he can win every
heavenly trophy – I watch
them in my sleepy dream.
Gordon Banks was world
class – and no body has
took his crown,
Its just a pity England have
never won it again – so
they always wear a frown.

We had Peter Shilton, and
the reliable Ray Clemence,
Even David Seaman took
goal – it was evenly a
Gordon Banks was the best
by far – he helped England
win the world cup with ease,
Now he is an angel in
heaven – and we salute him
to please.

But other football stars have
gone – and we will miss
them all,
They are all in Heaven now –
answering their roll call!
Heaven now are classy – as
their team are playing Hell,
And I can tell you Heaven
will win – because of Heaven’s
magic spell!

Darryl Ashton

Written by Darryl Ashton 

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