FIFA 17: Five Features that Need to be Fixed or Improved

As the release date of FIFA 17 draws closer, the excitement is heightened and so is the expectation for the FIFA 17 game. FIFA 16 was the highest sold sports simulation game last year as it was considered to be the best there ever was.

However, there are still some flaws that needs fixing. Also, there are a lot of gamers that want new features and ideas in FIFA 17. Although, FIFA 16 was huge among PS4 and Xbox One consoles and had many new ideas added there were still some things missing.

One of the main complaints that the previous version got was that the game play was somewhat slower and less exciting. Also, the Defense AI still struggled with sprint attackers. The FIFA Ultimate Team crashed a lot and the EA Servers being down all the time were some of the issues.

We hope that EA will fix these bugs and add more new features that will make the players all around the world enjoy FIFA 17 game.

Possible FIFA 17 Fixes and Improvements:

1. Improve FIFA 17 Gameplay: FIFA, the previous year, lost the excitement and pace from the year before. The gameplay is slow despite improvements in the graphics and animations. The tension and pacey release the game used to possess has gone up in flames. We need the fast gameplay back.

2. Fix the slow defender issue: Why hasn’t EA fixed this already?. The pacey attackers with good FIFA sprint and acceleration attributes can leave the defenders behind within seconds. This barely happens in real life. In the upcoming FIFA, the defenders should be able to defend well despite the FIFA 17 ratings and attributes of the attacking players.

3. The AI is still vulnerable: The harder AI game difficulty is fine, but the lower game difficulty is the absolute worst. It is too easy for the new gamers playing the game and if they move up a difficulty level, it becomes very difficult. This needs to be fixed.

4. Fix Online Servers/ FUT game mode: This was a major problem in the game for PS4 consoles. The servers were worse than the year before. We don’t want EA Sports FIFA Twitter to show “FIFA 17 Servers Down. We are trying to fix them as soon as possible” again.

5. FUT Draft Fix: Draft mode in FUT is difficult as you do not win tokens each time. FUT draft should be free or should not cost 15k coins. It would make the Ultimate Team more interesting.


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Written by Charchit Dahal

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