Arsenal: Do the Gunners need an attacking midfielder?

At this time last year, Arsenal fans were going through a very tough time they were losing two of their star players and there was almost no activity in the transfer market. Come next year, now Arsenal have made two top signings even before the official opening of the transfer window. 

The club, driven by the ambition to win, are looking to add to the squad in order to strengthen it. There are many questions that still revolve around a gooner’s head though, the one that I have chosen to think about might be of the least importance. And here it goes: Do Arsenal need an attacking midfielder?

This is my answer; we have two attacking midfielders in our first team who can fit in behind the striker, Tomas Rosicky and Aaron Ramsey. Ramsey is the young and inconsistent and Rosicky is the wise and not so inconsistent. Apart from them, we have the ever so reliable Mikel Arteta and the next Andrea Pirlo- Jack Wilshere.

Rosicky and Ramsey- Two Gunners who can play behind the striker. (Taken from Zimbio)

Personally, I would never move Arteta into that slot even though I know he will do well.  I have my reasons for that, in the case of Jack Wilshere I’d want him to get a new Pirlo poster and decorate it; I want Jack to be the new Pirlo. 

With that said, we come across the Ox, who’ll be 19 next season, on the back of an impressive season for club and country- after what happened with Wilshere- we should never do the same mistake with the Ox. I think it’s best for him to fill in for the wingers if they get injured, a super sub mostly with limited number of starts- for now. 

So that keeps us basically with two attacking midfielders, the young and the wise, and now what would happen if we add someone like Clint Dempsey? 18 goals last season, versatile enough to play anywhere in the attack, and with a desire to play in the Champions League, he’d be a smash hit at Arsenal if we are to believe our scouts.

Demspey- would be a smash hit with the Gunners. (Taken from The Sun)

Dempsey could start as an attacking midfielder only to exchange positions to create a more flexible attack. Say, for example, with his presence we could keep a plan B, say if 4-3-3 doesn’t work then he could switch places with Podolski who could play along with Robin as a striker in a 4-4-2? 

This is just one of the things Dempsey could bring to Arsenal, given the fact that he is a Premier League star it won’t take long for him to find his feet at Arsenal, the feet that has helped him achieve a feat of scoring 18 goals in the Premier League as a midfielder last season for Fulham. 

Apart from that, there is another thing about Dempsey that could be a blessing in disguise; Dempsey is 29 years old. He has 4 yrs of top quality football at the least, in that four years we could see the likes Aaron Ramsey, Serge Gnabry and Thomas Eisfeld grow into their full potential to succeed Dempsey, and all this makes the American a fantastic buy if we are to buy. 

That’s all I’ve had to say, hope you like it.

Written by Asim Muzammil
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