Why Arsenal must look into their reoccurring injury crisis


Ask a Gooner about the club’s biggest bane in the last decade. An overwhelming majority will perhaps settle for Arsene Wenger and the treatment room in London Colney which has somewhat become a tourist site of some sort.

It is pretty much impossible isolating Arsenal from injuries. The Gunners flaunt an alarming record of a reoccurring injury crisis. Be it offence or defence, Unai Emery’s men have a special affinity for the fitness room. Many who visited returns back shortly. Ask Hector Bellerin. 

Arsenal’s injury debacle dates back to 2014.  On average over the last five seasons, according to Cute Injury, the Gunners had 30 injuries per campaign. Two seasons ago, it was 32 injuries and 26 before. During the 2014/15 campaign, a whopping 35 knocks were recorded, according to http://www.myphonefootball.com/

That season they finished fifth in the Injury league. Prior, they topped it and finished third the campaign before that. In fact, the Gunners usually contend for this unwanted honour.

In March 2017, the Mirror even reported that Arsenal has been the most injured club in Premier League history. During the 11 seasons researched by Ben Dinnery, in December 2014 (2003/4-2013/14), Arsenal suffered 312 significant injuries that kept players sidelined for 10 days or more. 

During the last five seasons, Arsenal has consistently not only had the most players sidelined, they’ve also been injured for the longest amount of time.

Emery was expected to correct the malaise. He hasn’t, however. The trend continued. No fewer than 20 different players have been sidelined at different times this season.  That equates to over 15 days lost. 

Barcelona’s Denis Suarez who joined on loan is the latest victim, battling with a groin injury. The midfielder who moved to England in search of greener pastures could ultimately return to Spain limping. 

The severe injuries Arsenal has suffered this season would hamper any team. Unluckily, most have also come at the one spot they can ill afford more attrition. With the campaign winding down, Emery must find an antidote. Else further woes loom.