Is this £50m Manchester City star good enough for Real Madrid?

There aren’t many football players in the world who divide the opinion of people the way Raheem Sterling does. Some describe him as ‘world-class’, while some label him ‘overrated.’

The truth? Nobody knows.

The thing with Manchester City star is that it’s so hard to categorise him. One day he looks like a player who could shatter any defence in the world, and on another day he looks as helpless as Roy Hodgson’s face (sorry, Roy).

Everyone knows of the talent this guy has. From the day Roy Hodgson signed him in 2010, there haven’t been many question marks regarding his ability; but temperament, consistency, discipline, and concentration have been Sterling’s biggest enemies.

But now, under the guidance of probably the best coach in the world, Sterling has found his mojo and genuinely looks like a world-class player at Manchester City.

Like many of England’s talented young players like Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wilfried Zaha, Ross Barkley…Sterling too struggled a bit when it came to the end-product. We all know how good a ball-player/dribbler he is, but when it came to decision making, his struggles were evident.

Well, this too is changing. He has been directly involved in 17 goals (13 goals + 4 assists) in the Premier League this season, and all of them have come on a consistent basis – something that was lacking dreadfully over the past few years.

The questions that now remain are: ‘Is he a genuinely world-class players? Could he play for the likes of Real Madrid?’ The answer here, as it goes with most answers is not a simple one.

We’re half-way down the season, and Raheem Sterling has definitely been one of Manchester City’s standout players. But City are flying at the moment.

What happens when they stop flying? What will happen when Pep loses his touch? Will Sterling stay away from the controversies, keep his head straight, and keep doing what he has been doing for the past six months or so? Only time will tell us.

But personally speaking, I find Sterling way more talented than the over-hyped pair of Dele Alli and Harry Kane. Among the hype and hysteria surrounding these two, Sterling could turn out to be the unlikely ray of hope for the future of England as well as English football.


Written by Sandeep Sharma

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