Nemanja Matic: Why the Serbian is tremendous for Man United

After the average performance last season which saw United barely secure a slot at the UEFA Champions League, Mourinho had to make adjustments.

He took advantage of the transfer window and signed Matic from Chelsea for £40 million. The Serbian international is renowned for acquiring great talent and Matic turns out to be a great fit for the squad due to the following reasons:


He has experience of winning the EPL title

It has been quite long since winning the EPL title and the championship drought is nothing to live by. It is not an option for Mourinho to perform poorly and still expect to stay at one of the richest clubs in the world.

That is the reason why he chose to buy Matic as he has experience in winning the EPL title. The taste for glory seems to be real every day for Man United with the solid squad they currently have.


He knows how Mourinho operates

Mourinho was his former manager before Conte came in to manage Chelsea.

It is with this that the Serbian international will find it easy to adapt in his new team under Jose Mourinho. Fate would have it that they would meet again.

Although Mourinho left Chelsea after their poor display in the 2015/16 EPL season, it is no doubt that the kind of chemistry the two have is still alive.

With this £40 million transfer, you can expect Matic to play well in the United’s squad with great inspiration from the club manager.


A team player

Mourinho hailed praises on the Serbian international.

Remember that, it is not the first time that he will be coaching him. As such, he knows him very well from a coaching standpoint.

Matic is a team player and a great add-on to the United’s squad.

With a player who knows what is expected of him by working with others on the pitch, it gives the squad much leverage in producing a great performance.

With the exit of Wayne Rooney, United need Matic to stay on top and improve.


A great help for Pogba in the midfield

It was the highest signing, last season, for Man United when it acquired Pogba for a whooping £89.3 million.

When Mourinho made this buy, for the former Man United player, it was expected to result in a great force in terms of winning the EPL title.

The performance was not as expected bearing in mind that they had spent that much on one player. His poor performance was attributable to the fact that he did not have much help at the midfield.

Luckily, with the coming of Matic, this is expected to change. He will get more help and thus better performance and more goals for United.


New team new experience

Apart from Jose Mourinho, Matic is meeting new people in the new club.

He can, therefore, use this to elevate himself to greater heights in the EPL. Having been a key player at his former club, Chelsea, it is no doubt that he received a lot of criticism.

This was due to their poor performance in a season where they did not make it to top four after clinching the title in the previous season.

With a lot expected of him in United, Matic looks to prove all his critics wrong and work with top stars like Carrick and Pogba under his old manager Mourinho.


Written by Alex Norwood

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