Anthony Martial: It’s time for Mourinho to start the Frenchman

What were you doing when you were 18?

Talking of myself, I remember being scolded by my Dad as I had almost failed in Physics. I think you would have been in somewhat similar place.

Anthony Martial? Well, this boy had set the world-record of being the most expensive teenager ever. Talking of talent? Here’s a guy with shitloads of talent and skills.

From my point of view, he’s been a terrific signing barring his price-tag. If you put the money United spent, he’s been a very good signing. But that stamp of £57.6 million is going to follow him no matter what!

Over the past two seasons, he’s scored 25 goals and provided 17 assists. A pretty good return for a guy who’s just 21.

There’s hardly anyone who has questioned his ability. He’s got pace, power, technique, skills, finishing…pretty much everything.

The only thing that could be (and should be) questioned is his consistency. But again, he’s just 21. This happens to almost all of the young players. This is what they call “learning”.

This season he’s seemed more consistent than ever. Whenever he’s got a chance, he’s made the most of it.

He’s made a significant impact coming off the bench this season. He’s already scored six goals. An interesting stat shows that he’s managed to score 4 goals from just 10 shots. Talking of being lethal? Here’s a guy who’s cold as ice in front of goal.

Manchester United find themselves in a tricky position after their defeat against Chelsea. At the start of the season, they were firing on all cylinders. Lukaku was scoring goals, Mkhitaryan was gifting assists, Pogba was running the show. However, things have changed and how!

In the last few games, United have been dismal. Lukaku has been going through a goal-drought, Mkhitaryan has lost his spark, and Matic has lost his way in the middle of the park without Pogba.

Looking at the things, the Red Devils definitely need a spark from somewhere. They need goals, they need assists. If Jose Mourinho doesn’t start Martial now, I’d be surprised!



Written by Sandeep Sharma

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