The Manchester Musings: Why United fans are divided over Matic

Manchester United have long required some improvements in midfield and whilst thought Paul Pogba was that guy, it appears United still need to dip into the transfer market for yet another addition to the middle.

This time for more of a sitting midfielder, a player to loosen the defensive responsibility placed on Ander Herrera and allow the club to rely less on 35-year-old Michael Carrick, whilst allowing world record signing Paul Pogba all the freedom he needs to thrive.

That man is reportedly Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matic, two-time Premier League winner, with the first of those coming under the management of now-United manager Jose Mourinho – which could be crucial to the transfer happening.

Matic’s CV is up there with the very best of midfielders in the league, but why are United fans not so keen?



United fans have their hopes set on signing Monaco’s versatile Brazilian midfielder/occasional right-back Fabinho.

We live in a world where fans now want the players they want and any other option isn’t quite right. I don’t like this and feel we should stand by the manager’s choice on who he thinks is right for the club.

There are reports that the Europa League champions could sign both!

But fans are still questionably unhappy with the idea as it is likely to hinder the progress of players coming through the academy, including the ever popular and talented I might add, Timothy Fosu-Mensah.

It’s ultimately a lose-lose situation for anyone at Manchester United aiming to please fans.


Matic under Jose

Matic was one of the outstanding performers during Jose Mourinho’s successful 2014/15 campaign with Chelsea.

He fit in really well and you feel he played a vital role in Chelsea’s consistency as they were crowned Premier League champions. However, the following season, Jose struggled in the transfer window.

When opting not to improve the squad, after the first few games of the season he tried to make some late buys and failed with key targets. Chelsea went on to struggle in the title defending season.

A spell in which Matic looked more vulnerable and uncomfortable than ever before. It was a strange turn of form for a club that completed an easy on the eye title win just months before.

Question marks were raised and eventually Jose Mourinho was sacked as the manager of Chelsea Football Club.

The Blues’ season was everything but over and you could forgive the club’s stars for wanting the next season to come faster for a fresh approach with a new manager after a dismal caretaker spell for Guus Hiddink.



Perhaps the biggest factor in the United faithful preferring a move for Fabinho is age.

With Matic, aged 28 and Fabinho, 23, it’s understandable that a fan would prefer the long term option.

I do feel, as good as the Brazilian is, like many current United players, he is currently in a crucial part of his development and having too many young players could become problematic – no pun intended – in what United may hope to be a title challenging campaign.

Matic isn’t too old at 28 and brings bags of experience, which I feel United need in a couple of areas.

Ultimately, I feel signing both would make sense with Fabinho able to provide much needed cover for Antonio Valencia occasionally at right-back. I back Jose Mourinho fully however he decided to go about things.


Written by Jordan Hackett

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