A Football Poem: The Story of England and Wales’ Euro 2016… So Far

The land of song are
singing – they are
the mighty Wales,
They won their first
Euro match, now
their beer has
booming sales!

They played quite
remarkably and
so deserved their
Now bring on their
next game – they
could win again.

I also watched the
mighty England –
and they scored a
lucky goal!
Wayne Rooney was
running about, he
heard the gaffer’s

I don’t think England
were dominant,
they could have played
much better.
Russia sure did match
them to snatch an

But, why do the
commentators always
say; ‘he’s fast and he
has pace!’
‘They should keep the
ball as long as they can,
and run like they’re in
a race!’

Going by England’s
performance, I don’t
really see much hope.
But for all those fans
at the back of the
stadium they use a

Good luck to Wales
and keep on singing,
And when on the pitch
just keep on winning.
England, well, I have
no hope, my optimism
is shrinking!

When England do play
Wales, they’ll need to
proudly score.
And then the three
proud lions – will very
loudly roar!

Wales will sing their
hearts out – like:
‘The Land of Hope and
And if either team WIN’S
the trophy – it’ll make
a heck of a story!


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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