English FA Cup: Why the Cup is the best tournament to bet on

The Football Association Challenge Cup (FA Cup) is the oldest and most celebrated football competition in the world. The FA Cup started in the year 1871–1872 and since then, it is has become an annual affair. The FA Cup also took place during the World War.

Since 1923, FA Cup finals have taken place at the renowned Wembley Stadium. However, the venue was changed to Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales between 2001 and 2006. The reason behind this change was that Wembley Stadium was being renovated at the time.

The FA Cup has a reputation of bringing in a maximum number of viewers from across the world and is distinct from other competitions. Almost 700 teams can take part in this championship. From the glamorous football stars of Manchester United to electricians, teachers, mechanics etc. who are a part of amateur teams, everyone can participate in this football tournament.

The beauty of the game is that the Cup has seen many professionals from the Premier League being defeated by amateurs. The FA Cup is known for surprise victories, where small teams have managed to triumph despite great odds.

The FA Cup is also the oldest football championship. The surprise factor in the tournament keeps adrenaline levels high and the appeal of silverware cannot be ignored by any club.

Manchester United and Arsenal have been the most successful clubs in the competition’s history. The Gunners have won three of the last four FA Cups. However, due to the prestige of the competition, every team in the United Kingdom dreams of going all the way to Wembley and winning the FA Cup. From EFL League Two to Premier League, all teams prioritise the FA for various reasons.

Here is why the FA Cup is the best tournament to bet on: 


Oldest Competition

The FA Cup is currently the oldest and the most thrilling football competition in the world. It has a 144-year old history beginning from the 1871-1872 seasons. In comparison, the prestigious League Cup only has a history of 55 years.

In England, the FA Cup is the biggest domestic tournament after the League. Previously, the competition used to hold more importance than the Premier League, but due to the prize money it began to offer, Premier League replaced the FA Cup in the clubs’ priority list.

Regardless, it is also an unpredictable tournament where low-tier clubs have managed to defeat seasoned giants against all odds. The 2013 FA Cup winner was Wigan Athletic who beat Manchester City at Wembley.


Number of teams included

The number of teams playing in the FA Cup is more than 730. The competition does not have strict rules for eligibility– it also includes non-league football clubs who have played in the FA Cup, FA Trophy or FA Vase in the previous season.

After evaluating last season’s performance, you can bet on your favourite club – however, it is important to remember that even the biggest teams are in danger of being knocked out.



What are the chances of your team winning a competition in which 730 or more teams are taking part? It is an unseeded tournament with 12 randomly drawn rounds and a semi-final and final.

The initial six stages are known as Qualifying Competition. Big clubs have a better chance of winning the Cup as they enter the competition in the later stages. However, small clubs have to play from the initial stage which makes their road to Wembley longer and more difficult. In the end, all that counts in the FA Cup is resilience and skill.

If you are looking to bet on the FA Cup, evaluate all the available options first. A good choice would be Arsenal as they have won the last three out of four FA Cups. The best odds of Arsenal winning the tournament are 8/1. Nevertheless, this does not guarantee anything. Review other odds and teams carefully to make an informed decision.


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