Football Betting: A Popular Past-time and Social Connection

Betting is a popular past time for many around the world. The odds, tips and thrill of getting paid big money drives even the most conservative of people to take a chance, and place a bet on something they love and desire whether it may be in sports, TV, a dare, on election night, etc.

A bet can be wagered on almost anything, yes, anything which is why it’s so popular among us; anyone can join in, no matter how old they are or how naive they may be. Sports betting is probably the most popular of all betting schemes. Odds and tips are updated on a daily basis to entice those interested in the world of betting to place a bet on the best and most favorable of odds.

No sport gives more thrill and excitement than football; the beautiful game, which brings people of all genders, races and cultures like no other. Betting on your favorite football team, a fixture that racks up the highest odds and potential winnings are all a part of the charm and excitement the sport brings to many around the world.

I remember one time through Twitter when some football fan – a Man United supporter to be precise –  was on the verge of winning big money through his various bets on several matches played that day. As the results were heading to his favor, through his constant tweeting and updates, many were engaged and joined in on this rare event; a potential big money gain worth over 60 grand.

Many fellow football fans from all over the world – even those who support rival clubs like Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City among others – cheered him on and eagerly awaited the results.

That fan achieved the unthinkable, creating shockwaves on Twitter with many stunned and astonished, but congratulating a fellow football fan on his rewards and highly commendable achievement. His tweets after his winnings were made official summed up the passion and elation such a pastime can bring to many, especially through sport.

Fantasy football leagues are also of huge popularity among many. They’re set up by regular blokes looking for some friendly, and as they hope, fruitful competition with fellow fans. There are created before the season begins with a limited “budget” creating more intrigue and challenge for its participant.

These leagues are especially popular here in the Middle East. Sports betting is frowned upon because it involves money, and that steps into religious boundaries as Islam – the region’s most popular religion – prohibits gambling and other similar activities that involve money.

Some, however, ignore such regulations but for the most part, they’re abided and followed increasing the popularity of fantasy leagues even further. These leagues are mostly free to use, but others – especially those independently created – charge people to join their league, a factor that can deter many and which I don’t recommend.

Football betting is popular and helps connect fans and supporters from all over the world. The introduction of social media has had a major impact on the industry, further increasing its popularity and intrigue. It’s a part of the game, and for some, a part of their life.

There’s nothing wrong with placing a little bet and wager, as long as it’s in good spirit and pure fun with a tad of healthy competition.


Written by Omar Almasri

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