The Best Football Cleats for Men and Women

Playing football is all about how you control the ball with your feet while running. There are three elements at play – your feet, the ground, and the ball. To streamline their interaction, the single most important thing that a football player must own is a good pair of cleats.

Choosing the perfect pair of football cleats is difficult and there are several factors to consider. The two most important issues to think about when buying soccer cleats are comfort and the position you play in. Cleats help you to maintain balance and also improve your speed on the field.

Football cleats are different from shoes made for other sports. They are designed without outer soles and mid soles. They are designed to keep the center of gravity of the player low, thereby ensuring stability on the football field while running or stopping suddenly and changing direction.


Football Cleats for Men

This section of the report takes a look at the best men’s football cleats designed for comfort and performance.


Nike Hypervenom Phantom

Priced between $160 and $210, Nike’s Hypervenom Phantom are widely considered among the best football cleats that money can buy. They are designed for agility and are perfect for attacking players, though even defenders find them useful.

The boots mark the introduction of NikeSkin, a new material designed to give players a natural feel along their feet. It is remarkably light and thin enough to feel and control the ball through the material. The upper portion of the cleats have a greater surface area in contact with the ball and NikeSkin allows for better controlled shots.

Increased boot area is the result of a new lacing system, where the lace sits higher on the front of the cleat. It is designed using ACC technology which gives the wearer maximum ball control under diverse weather conditions. The configuration of studs is designed for agility and allows for quick and sudden changes in direction.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom football cleats provide good traction while swerving and prevent slipping and sliding. The football boots are extremely comfortable and the only serious complaint against the model is its lack of durability.


Adidas F50 adiZero

The adiZero is a model of football cleats designed for speed and is exclusively made for attacking players. It is not suited for defenders or goalkeepers. These cleats are the most secure football cleats for men. Priced from $165 to $240, the boots are extremely lightweight, even with the introduction of toe padding.

Breaking-in time is practically zero as the shoes are flexible and comfortable right out of the box. A new stud arrangement called SpeedTraxion provides maximum acceleration and precision during sudden swerves and direction changes. The studs are perfectly distributed and there is no pressure on the wearer’s foot.

The upper portions of these cleats are made of a hybrid skin called DribbleTex which is great for dribbling, but not good for striking. The boots fit snugly and are suitable for all football players except those looking for a wider fit.

The only drawback is a slight lack of comfort when worn over long periods.


Nike Mercurial Vapor IX

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX are the most comfortable boots with practically no breaking-in period required. Priced between $149 and $195 on, they are suitable for players in any position but work best for attackers.

The upper part is dimpled, and this greatly improves dribbling and adds speed to strikes. The boot is extremely flexible and allows for free movement. The blade design on the sole-plate is soft to prevent injury to other players. The boots themselves are the lightest that Nike has released and are designed for sudden and explosive bursts of speed.

Due to the thin nature of material used, the cleats have a shorter life-span but those who want a better feel and control of the ball are usually willing to accept this short-coming.


Football Cleats for Women

There are also many excellent models of football cleats for women, and in this section we’ll look at the most popular models.


Adidas Women’s Predator Instinct FG

These football cleats from Adidas are the most comfortable model available. They are ideal for defenders and central players, and are priced around $85 on Amazon.  Though they are heavy, the Adidas Predator Instinct FG allows smooth movement. The gel pad improves ball control while passing.

The rubber in the upper portion has a zig-zag design which offers great flexibility and extra traction on the ball. The new sole plate gives a player better control over fast movements. These cleats are highly resistant to stress and are waterproof.

They are for people with medium fit and are not suitable for those who want a wider fit and more space.


Nike Magista Opus iD

Nike Magista Opus iD football cleats are designed to protect women feet while offering great comfort during the game. This elegant footware is ideal for central and defensive players.

The cleats are comfortable and light, being padded nicely for protection. The upper part is meshed for flexibility and has a layer of KangaLite for added durability. Shoes are coated by NikeSkin for waterproofing.

These cleats are not good for striking and can be a bad choice for attacking players. The sole plate is very well balanced and pressure on the player’s foot is minimal.

Some wearers find that the boots are a little stiff compared to other shoes. Otherwise the Nike Magista Opus is perfect if you are looking for a simple and clean option without too many features. Prices start at $240.


Puma Evospeed

Puma Evospeed football cleats are designed for women who love speed on the football field. They are great for wing players and attackers. Despite being speed boots, they are well padded and feel comfortable during play. The sole plate is perfect for the intricacies of changing direction and altering speed.

Studs are arranged to provide acceleration in a very short time. The upper portion is not very flexible and has a layer of small projections to improve ball control while dribbling and striking.

The everfit cage is a nice touch as it greatly increases durability without compromising much on flexibility. The fit is good, but people with wide feet may have to buy a larger size.

The primary drawback is stiffness of both the upper part and the sole which takes some time to break in these cleats. The price is reasonable, starting at $25 going up to $45.


Written by Elena Williams

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