A Football Poem: The New England Football Team Gaffer… Big Sam

The big bosses of the England FA,
have made their final decision,
They’ve found a new boss for
the England team position.

They sat round a boardroom,
table scratching all their heads,
Wondering who to appoint –
when they’d rather be home
in their comfy beds!

Behold! Sam Allardyce, is now
in the hot seat,
And one thing is for sure – he
won’t accept defeat.

He worked well at Sunderland,
they’re in the Premier League.
But why has his appointment
caused so much intrigue?

Has BIG Sam got a magic
wand – that will bring in some
classy players?
Or will every game they do
play – all end in watery

Big Sam has a massive task,
that only he can repair.
Will he make big changes –
as he quietly says a prayer!

He really has a task ahead,
to regain the nations trust.
Winning more of their
matches really is a must.

Like being the best in Europe,
and even the best in the
Can he bring the glory
years back – and end us all
in a whirl!

We can’t seem to get this
right, and England do need
some success.
Will big Sam Allardyce be
a success, of that I can only

But we must look on the bright
side, and be more positive.
And hope and pray Sam is
the man – victory he will

Let’s now look to the future,
for the new England manager.
Big Sam Allardyce; ‘but will he
need a prayer?’

I now raise my glass and drink
a toast to Sam Allardyce:
‘Good luck with the team’ England,
Sam, and to “WIN” a ‘game’ would
be NICE!!!!!!

Can the England team now move
forward and conquer the football
And win the coveted WORLD CUP –
now that really would be a treat.

Hail! Hail! The new manager of
the England football team, and
what a lovely surprise.
Ladies and gentleman – please
give a big welcome to the one and
only; ‘Sam Allardyce!’


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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