A Football Poem: Malcolm Macdonald – A Tribute To A Newcastle United Legend

I remember in the 1970s,
it seems so long ago,
I used to watch the
football – on TV with my
dad always in the know!

All the teams were
really good – and they
played with skill and
They really were so
entertaining – in fact
they were really ace!

There were several
teams that stood out –
and all had skilful
I wonder if before a
game – they always
said heir prayers?

Saturday night on TV,
on the BBC,
Me and my dad would
stay up late and watch
the football with glee.

Now recently in the
news media – a football
star has been highlighted.
Who is this football superstar,
who was always so excited.

The man wore long
sideburns, and wore his
hair real long,
Every time he scored a
goal – he would burst
into a song!

He had a powerful right
foot – and he really
struck the ball,
Every time his team did
play – he always stood
real tall.

Here is a clue for you –
his nickname was;
With his skills he dazzled
on the pitch – he really
was on track!

He played for Newcastle
United – and he was a
famous star.
And just like George Best –
he liked to drink in a

Newcastle United were
an awesome team,
And when Malcolm
Macdonald played in
the team – they really
were a dream.


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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