Everton: Was it really a training break or a lad’s holiday in Dubai?

So the big question for me this week is; ‘What actually happens on a mid-season training break?’

Warm weather, some time away from the limelight, bonding as a team, or drunken nights and days spent around the pool whilst arguing with each other who is best at FIFA?

How many teams can actually say their club have benefited from a week away. Although, last season Sunderland had a trip away to hot climates and managed to stay up.

Of course David Moyes wasn’t manager then so this year could spell trouble. Sorry Sunderland fans.


Dubai trip on Valentine’s Day

This week has seen Everton fly out to Dubai on Monday, a trip I’m sure that thrilled the WAGS as their loved ones spent Valentine’s Day on a jolly boys outing.

What am I saying, I meant training break.

Don’t get me wrong, if I had the chance to spend February 14th in Dubai catching a tan I would jump at the chance.


Convincing the missus

Of course it would be tough being away from my loved one, but Football Manager always understands. The wife of course, well that’s a different matter.

You wonder how they managed to pursue the other half to let them go.

“Now love you’ve got to understand, it’s the boss, he thinks it will help with team bonding or something. Apparently there’s some sort of tactics training around the pool. Yes love, the boss was adamant, sun cream and speedos have to be packed. What? FIFA? Oh my, how did that get in my suitcase, as if we would be playing that!”



Tough schedule

Apparently for the Toffees they will train every day and maybe have a friendly thrown in for good measure.

It must be tough on the squad, with two hours on the training ground, three hours by the pool, and the rest, well who knows.

I’m sure some of us have been on a lad’s holiday. Best leave that there.

Now for those clubs not fortunate enough to be in Dubai or, in Liverpool’s case, somewhere in Spain, they have the joy of staying in the U.K.

Although for the unlucky teams they are participating in the FA Cup.


Dubai or the FA Cup?

You wonder how many players really tried in the last round knowing that a win would all but destroy their chance of some winter sun.

A scandalous opinion I know, but how many of you right now are thinking 90 minutes on Saturday or 7 days in Dubai? It’s a tough call!

Let’s be honest, we all want to go on a mid-season training break to Dubai. Sun, sand and speedos, it’s a footballers dream.

Just don’t get caught by the wife packing FIFA.


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