FIFA 16: Bayern’s Top 10 Best Players in the latest FIFA edition

You might have noticed a lot of hype around Bayern Munich in FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA 16 Career Mode. There is a simple reason for that: Bayern has a lot of quality players.

We have sorted the Bavarians in order of their ranking in FIFA 16. Let’s find out where your favorite stands.


Javi Martinez – 84

Martinez had an absolutely great season defensively with his club last year. He made some really great tackles and stops to help his side keep clean sheets. He has had the same FIFA rating for the past two years.


Jerome Boateng – 85

Boateng was the heart of Bayern’s defence last season. He along with other defenders created a wall, which was indestructible against nine Bundesliga sides.

His FIFA 16 overall is 85, which is his personal best so far.


Mario Gotze – 85

Germany won the World Cup final with Gotze’s late goal. But the midfielder has not been much of a star as expected with his club not performing up to scratch. This might be the reason behind a downgrade of one to his FIFA 16 rating.


Arturo Vidal – 86

Vidal was one of the most successful midfielders in the whole world last season. He won the Serie A and Copa America and reached the Champions League final with Juventus. We predict that he is going to be brilliant for Bayern this term.

He is one of the most traded players in the game.


Thomas Muller – 87

The World Cup winning striker for Germany was also vital for Bayern regaining their Bungesliga title. Muller was huge for the club and country last season, which might be the reason he got an upgrade of one to his overall rating.


Phillip Lahm – 87

Lahm can play in so many positions that EA had to reassign his position twice in the previous FIFA installment. He is incredible among Defence-oriented players as he has balanced attributes in both the full back and holding midfield positions.


Robert Lewandowski – 87

The golden striker in Bundesliga last season, Lewandowski was sensational for Bayern after completing a move from Dortmund. He scored some brilliant goals to increase his previous FIFA rating from 86 to 87.

He is popular among Premier League club-users in Career Mode.


Franck Ribery -87

Ribery is the best left winger Bayern has ever had. Despite not performing very well due to injury, he still made some impact in the league with some brilliant performances.

His FIFA rating has been reduced to 87 from 89 in the previous version.


Arjen Robben – 89

Despite his elderly-looking facial features, it does not seem that Robben has aged so much due to his brilliant physical and pacey attributes in the game. Robben was vital for Bayern Munich winning the Bundesliga as he scored tons of times to make sure his side won.

His FIFA 16 rating is 89, which is very high considering his age.


Manuel Neuer – 90

The German goal keeper is the highest rated goal keeper and the highest rated player in Bayern Munich’s squad in FIFA 16. The Ballon d’Or contender was not only superb for his club, but also with his nation winning the World Cup in Brazil.


Written by Charchit Dahal

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  1. ben

    August 7, 2015 at 19:54

    It’s LewandoWski, not Lewandoski…

    • O-Posts Team

      August 7, 2015 at 19:58

      Thanks for flagging the error, Ben. Much appreciated. It’s been corrected.

      Kind regards,


      • Antie

        February 13, 2016 at 14:19

        Fifa 11 does not have Champions League, because they are not sigend up with UCL. The only game that has Champions League in Pro Evolution Soccer, and is just for the ps3 and xbox 360. But you don’t need UCL to have fun. I have fifa 11 on the ps3 and is just way better that Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

  2. toby

    August 8, 2015 at 13:28

    Your ratings are wrong!!!their fifa 15 ratings were boateng-85 lewandowski-87 robben-90 ribery-88 gotze-85 martinez-85…get your facts right.I am a bavarian!!and ea sports have only released that of barca and real madrid..lord knows where you got yours from!!!!

    • Brian

      September 8, 2015 at 11:36

      He makes good guesses and Ribery is 87

    • Matthew

      February 13, 2016 at 14:09

      FIFA takes years. Only buy a new FIFA game every 2-4 years, I still feel lost, because the only new tignhs were explained. This is very frustrating, (granted, so players rarely, in fact, it is a skill that not only get rid of you), especially in online games, I wait a couple of comments, but they are (for example) tignhs maybe let me buy it. I wonder why it has taken so long to bring natural other games.

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