What a Sorry Mess- The Saga of Rangers Football Club’s Downfall

Taken from The Telegraph

The undeniable fact is that Scottish football is in a mess and has been for a number of years.

I’m hardly the first person to state this but the last four months since one of Scottish football’s great clubs, Rangers went into administration have really opened to my eyes.

The liquidation that ultimately happened at Ibrox has shown attitudes amongst Scottish football fans to be very narrow-minded and in many cases devoid of any common sense.

The reasons for why the world’s most successful club went into administration then liquidation have been well documented.

Extreme mismanagement over a number of decades by Chairman Sir David Murray and Craig Whyte proved too hard to handle and they shamefully left the club with an unworkable amount of debt whilst also failing to pay significant amounts of taxes.

The sorry episode has also shown how badly the Scottish game is being run. The Scottish football association’s chief executive Stewart Regan has shown himself to be unaware of his own rules and failing to show leadership throughout this crisis engulfing one of the SFA’s key members.

Why on earth has it taken over four months to sort out which league Rangers are playing in next season? 

That decision will still not be known until next week which is remarkable.

Rangers continue to be punished right, left and centre with fans of other clubs, not just Celtic seemingly happy for this to happen.

The ridiculous line of ‘sporting integrity’ has been banded about by fans till they are almost blue in face. 

I have never denied that Rangers to need to be punished. Infact, I’m more than happy to see the club put down to the lowest tier in Scottish football, namely division three.

However, when you have clubs fans coming out and saying they would rather see their club go into administration rather than see Rangers football club back into the SPL then perhaps the baw really is burst as they say in Scotland.

Only last year I was reasonably hopeful of Scottish football moving forward but with a lack of leadership from those running the game and Rangers, one of the big two in Scotland lurching from crisis to crisis, I am now worried where Scotland as a footballing nation are going.

One can only hope that a solution to the Rangers crisis that ensures Scottish clubs are reasonably happy is found and fast.

Otherwise football and indeed Rangers in Scotland could fail to recover.

Written by Ewan McQueen
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  1. Anonymous

    July 4, 2012 at 12:38

    Nice well balanced piece – by a scumbag in support of a lice infested cheating lousebag

  2. Mark Mujrphy

    July 4, 2012 at 13:00

    “Rangers continue to be punished left, right and centre.”
    Really? OK, then list these punishments… Tell you what. I'm in a good mood. I'll give you a start. Ten points for entering administration. Three years out of Europe for a failure to agree an exit from administration with the people to whom it owed money. Now, what are these “left, right, centre” and continuous punishments to which you refer? Oh, and by the way, “Division 3” isn't a punishment. This Rangers is a new club, seeking first entry into Scottish professional football…even if it wishes to take over the old RFC history, about which I have no preference. Right, your turn…

  3. Anonymous

    July 4, 2012 at 16:16

    I'm a Celtic fan and there is no doubt the rivalry will be missed for a few years. But the fact remains Glasgow Rangers will NEVER play in the SPL again as they do not exist any more. The new Rangers are applying for membership, are you suggesting that all proper protocol should be ignored? For years there has been accusations that the old firm get favoritism, if New Rangers are allowed to bypass the rules then its is a sad day for the rest of Scottish football. I do get the point of the financial losses but then that is a bigger argument about how Scottish football managed to find itself in a position whereby it is totally dependent on 2 clubs. This is something ALL of the clubs/fans are guilty of.

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