Barca vs Real Madrid: The El Clasico Preview

The best match in the world will be played tomorrow at the Nou Camp and the whole world is getting ready for another epic battle between Real Madrid and their arch-rivals Barcelona.

Going into the match Barca are 1st in the league and have a massive 8 point lead over Madrid. Both teams are coming off huge Champions League victories. Real demolished Ajax 4-1 and Barcelona beat Benfica 2-0, but they could have easily scored a lot more had they not been a man down.

Both teams are in good form and the match will most likely be a closely contested game. Madrid need the victory to have any hope of a title charge. Barcelona will be hoping to stretch their lead to an amazing 11 points. If Barcelona win they will have a massive advantage in the league. Both teams have it all to play for.

The match will be a 90 minute chess game between Mourinho and Vilanova. The tactics will play a huge part in who the victors will be. Everyone will be excited to see if Mou will live up to his tinkering reputation and what plan Vilanova will implement regarding his teams defense.


Most influential players:


Iker Casillas (Real Madrid)

The Spanish National Goalkeeper will definitely be tested a couple of times. He has been letting in a lot of simple goals lately and this match is the perfect opportunity for him to kick-start his season.


Xavi (Barcelona)

Xavi will be running the mid-field as he always does and will probably complete a couple hundred passes as usual. He will be very important for Barcelona if they want to break down the Madrid defense.


Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

Having scored two hat-tricks in his two previous matches he is on an outstanding scoring streak and Madrid fans will be hoping he can keep the balls hitting the net.


Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

Messi has been on a bit of a dry patch having not scored in three games, but he has made up for that by assisting almost every goal that Barcelona scored in those matches. He will run past the defense more than once, but the key will be if he can keep calm under the pressure and get past the best ‘keeper in the world.


El Clasico is a match between two footballing giants and is the biggest derby of them all. The result of this match will have a big influence on how these two teams’ seasons will pan out. The whole world will be watching again as the biggest war in football continues with another battle on Barcelona’s home turf.


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Written by Deon Beauzec

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