Luka Modric: How the Croatian playmaker will affect Madrid

This morning the transfer of Croatian midfielder Luka Modric was finally completed for a fee of 33 million pounds + extras including a very suspicious and much discussed “club partnership” clause.

Being one of the most stretched out transfer sagas of the window a lot of people had started questioning if the 26-year old is really worth it and if Madrid really need him. This article will answer ‘yes’ to both of those questions.


Is Modric the Real Deal?

Luka Modric is lauded all over Europe for being Tottenham Hotspurs best player last season and after they failed to secure a Champions League spot, Luka wanted to make sure he was going to play in the tournament.

He has shown that he is a really good midfielder and racks up a lot of assists. He has outstanding vision and his movement is also better than average. Although Modric has a couple of less than impressive traits too, but I believe his good ones outweigh them severely and he will be a huge hit in Madrid.


How will he fit in?

His passing is one of his best attributes and next to Alonso he will help Madrid break down multiple defences game after game. He also has a much better eye for goal than Khedira and Lass and will almost definitely get on the scoresheet a lot this season. He will probably walk into Khediras position and Lass will fall down the order even further. Modric will most likely get more game-time than Khedira and become a permanent fixture in the squad.

The arrival of Luka Modric will definitely stir up the Real Madrid squad and will lead to a much improved side. He is a very hard working player.

Mourinho and Perez have made an excellent signing and in one season that statement will be proven and accepted all over Europe.


Written by Deon Beauzec

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