Arsenal: The Benefits of Being a Red Member

People have asked me about the benefits of being a red member and what comes with it. So here is just a short post to explain the situation regarding memberships.

Firstly, by becoming a red member you contribute towards the club that you love. So you can feel that little bit better having spent £33 that you could have possibly used to buy an Indian Takeaway and overdone your calorie count for the day.

Secondly, you get some Arsenal earphones that you can parade knowing that when people look at your earholes, they see what you represent. And people do love to look at earholes.

You also get an exclusive, always ahead of the game membership key ring, the club’s official handbook, a special member’s edition of the Arseblog book ’So Paddy got up, An Arsenal Anthology’ and a selection of postcards with photos of the most memorable moments of 2011/2012, a reminder of you know who basically. Members are due to receive these Membership Packs at the end of September, so within the next two to three weeks.

You also get unlimited access to Arsenal Player for 12 months (end of season). Which is really good, full highlights of every match are available, it also shows reserve games and highlights, Next Gen Series games and highlights and youth games and highlights. They also show exclusive player interviews and post and pre-match interviews with Mr. Wenger himself.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, as a red member you get access to around 3,500 tickets. Tickets go on sale a month before each game (or there abouts) at 10am on the day.

My advice would be to get on there as soon as you can because the tickets that you want will sell out really fast, if you leave it an hour it is almost certain you will not get two tickets next to eachother. Each membership is entitled to ONE ticket only, so if more than one of you wish to attend, then please notify the other(s) of this.

If you are purchasing tickets online, you enter a queue. Depending on the time you are trying to purchase a ticket and the level of opponent the queue will vary, you will wait a lot longer for a Category A game (Teams like Tottenham, Chelsea, and the Manchester clubs).

When you do get through after queuing you will need your membership number and password at hand to login. You will then see a full stadium plan with a key, just choose a block and then your seats and advance. You will need to reassign the other ticket(s) if purchasing more than one. You will need to add this person to your network by having their membership number at hand.

To become a Silver Member, which is my aim, you need to be a red member for a long period of time, and I’m talking years. A red member is automatically placed on the waiting list as soon as registering. Silver members are offered tickets a month before red members and are essentially given more priority over seating.


I hope I have helped out. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask via the comment section or on Twitter @RedAndWhiteAFC.

Thanks and I’ll see you at the Emirates on Saturday. Hopefully Giroud nets his first Arsenal goal.


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