Arsenal: Consistency and a strong mentality can win them the league

Arsenal: A big club, who always falls short of Premier League gold, with the exception of the Invincible season in 2003-2004.

However, Arsenal have fallen short ever since. Missing the extra umph to push them to the trophy.

After coming off the 2016-2017 season with the FA Cup trophy and missing out on top 4, the fan base seems to be as divided as ever over the management of Arsene Wenger.


Striking gold

With all the criticism aside, let’s talk about what Arsenal can do to strike gold once again.

The Gunners have been busy trying to bolster their squad with the signings of: free Sead Kolasinac, whom has had a phenomenal pre-season; as well as the club record signing fee of Alexandre Lacazette, who may have finally answered the fans questions about having a world class striker up top.

With the new signings in place, Arsenal need to use their squad depth well, in order to overcome the obstacle of the Europa League, and other domestic cups.

With the return of Jack Wilshere, the rise of Alex Iwobi, the sophomore year of Granit Xhaka, a fit Aaron Ramsey, and the attack which might consist of Lacazette, Ozil and Sanchez. The Premier League trophy may not be as far off the horizon as people think.


Consistency is of utmost importance

The Premier League is won with consistency and this started with Arsenal’s opening day victory, however, Arsenal’s opening day form is not good per say with only winning one of their last seven opening day fixtures before Friday night’s win.

A good start for the Gunners would and should be absolutely beneficial for Arsenal.

The Premier League this year will be as good as ever, with Everton having a killer of a transfer window along with West Ham, Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool.


The fight for top 4 along with the title is getting harder every year. Do Arsenal have the tools to get the job done?

Yes, but it all comes to down that one key ingredient: mentality. And Arsenal proved that they may have it in them after their hard-fought opening win over Leicester City. 

More of that fight, and Arsenal will give it a good go.


Written by Joey Pettinelli

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