Arsene Wenger: Why the Frenchman’s time at Arsenal is over

Gooners were for the umpteenth time in as many years left venting their spleens after Arsenal sustained yet another agonizing defeat to a top side in the Premier League.

The 3-1 defeat away to Liverpool saw them plummet to fifth in the standings with 50 points- 13 points behind league leaders Chelsea: a move that has permanently dented their title hopes.


Can’t win against tougher opposition

This is just part of a recurring cycle at Arsenal in which fans are inspired with top drawer football at the start of the season, which slowly turns lethargic due to injuries and the routine rout at the hands of a Barcelona or Bayern Munich.

From there, their entire season comes off the rails, but the Gunners still do just enough to make the top four and repeat the same the following season.

Well there is a program to quell this worrying trend, and it has everything to do with getting rid of one Arsene Wenger.


Lost the fans

Arsene Wenger has year after years rekindled title hopes for the fans, only for the team to choke in the race at the very homestretch.

This has conversely made the Arsenal manager a polarizing and unpopular figure amongst fans, with many viewing him as a grossly incompetent manager past his peak.

The disgruntled fans have time and again called for his sacking, but the Arsenal manager has against all wishes stayed grounded, with the backing of the board playing an integral part in his prolonged stay at the club.

From the look of things however, the banners will keep being displayed until parity is restored at the club.


Can’t keep world class players

Thierry Henry, Ashley Cole, Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie: it’s been an eternity since Arsenal last had an air of invincibility, much of it due to the inability to maintain the very nucleus that constitutes a world class team.

But who would blame them for wanting to win more?

Arsenal’s ineptitude in challenging for major trophies has seen players depart in search of greener pastures, a trend that just can’t be wished away.

Alexis Sanchez has reportedly developed a fractious relationship with the management, after becoming increasingly frustrated with the average nature of performances at the club.

The Chilean international looks set to walk away in the summer, with several Premier League powerhouses like Chelsea and the Manchester clubs showing tentative interest in the forward.

With Mesut Ozil’s future still hanging on the balance, Arsene Wenger should for once be the bigger man and do the honorable deed of stepping down as the Arsenal manager.

Talk about building castles in the air!


Written by Brian Humphrey

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