A Football Poem: We see bliss, it’s progress for Arsenal

The Mental. The Mind. The Intellectual,

Is it what sports is all about?

Football is the Journey I partake, Arsenal fan?

When the game is on, we’ve an opinion.

The History we know, The Games we’ve watched,

The Statistics; It’s on, to create one more for us.

This time we ask, “Did you see this coming?”

Some claim they did, others wouldn’t have believed the outcome.

As we rise and cheer on that stadium, we bring on the fire.

This fire can light the team up or burn.

A thin line between these two; Momentum and Anxiety,

All a product of the heat that they feel inside.

When there’s a win we say, you did well Gunners.

When they lose we look for answers and point fingers?

Who’s leaving? Who’s staying? Who’s up for grabs?

Just to remain relevant whatever it takes.

One point, two, or three points means progress.

I say you did well with Leicester City.

Sunday Fixture awaits and you got the game on,



Written by Joy Muthoni

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