John Terry: A Huge Loss for the Three Lions

Carlo Ancelotti: “John Terry is the captain of all team captains, he was born with the captain’s armband on his arm.”

Scolari : “For John Terry, dying in the pitch would be glory. You would need to kill him and maybe even then, he would still play.”

Ray Wilkins: “Do we have the character of John Terry within these people I’m talking about? My answer to that is probably ‘No, we don’t’, because he doesn’t only care about his own performance – he cares about other people’s performances as well. I don’t think we’ve got the characters about now like John Terry.”

Gary Lineker: “Whatever you think about John Terry, he always gave his absolute all on the field for England. A strong leader and great defender.”

John Terry has finally decided to quit the English national team, stating that the FA never supported him. This comes as good news to the Chelsea faithful, who always asked him to retire from national duty.

John Terry has been stripped of his captaincy twice but soon reinstated and makes his decision to quit, 24 hours before the hearing at FA.

What do I think about it? A sigh of relief followed by a snicker of laughter. This is exactly what I was hoping for since the armband got stripped of him. In my point of view, England never deserved a player like him. A man who gave his 120 % on the field, went for every ball and put his body on the line to save his country and club. How many players like that do you get?

England never deserved him and never will. Now they’re stuck with Gary Cahill, Joleon Lescott and Rio Ferdinand. Cahill’s and Lescott’s positioning skills are terrible – we have seen it before. Rio Ferdinand offers them the final life line but you just cannot compare his leadership skills with that of John Terry.

I don’t want to hear that rubbish, that he “slept with his best friend’s wife” and he racially “abused” someone. The latter was cleared in court, whereas the scandal with Bridge is deemed to never have taken place with newspapers apologizing for the incident.

I’m delighted to think that, he has finally seen sense in how the FA was using him. Stripping him of his post but still making him play as they know their defense needs him. He can now focus solely on the club and can make the most of it by winning trophies for the club he loves. The England national team meanwhile will be still suffering their drought.

It’s a huge loss for Roy Hodgson who will definitely not be happy with the FA. When you see captains moving to other clubs to win trophies and some demanding for more money, John Terry stands as a tribute to many of the captains who are not affected by the role of money in modern football.

17 years at Chelsea and captain at the age of 21. As I always say, Captain – Leader – Legend for a reason. People are going to talk but that’s probably cause they will never have a captain like him.

John Terry was, is and will forever remain, one of the best defenders England have ever produced and today they have lost a man who thinks about the team before himself.

There will always be only one England captain. Good luck in trying to replace him, FA.


Written by Sherry Philips

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