A Football Poem: What Is Happening At Liverpool Football Club?

Liverpool football club, have
now got so very greedy,
They should be reducing
their tickets – for the poor
and the needy.
To make a quick buck or
two – which is what they
all do think,
But hiking up the costs
again – can cause a great
“BIG” stink!

The fans walked out on
Liverpool – showing their
Walking home in anger –
their bad tempers they
did thrust.
The ticket prices now have
rocketed – not only at
Liverpool –
Why are they doing this –
do they think it’s cool?

Yes, they pay high wages,
and the price of tickets
cover this;
‘But some of us live in
poverty, not a life of bliss!’
I bet there are other clubs –
who are doing the same.
They really should reduce
their tickets – and stop
causing such a shame.’

Football is a business, but
greed has grasped a hold,
Hiking up the price of
tickets – they do need to
be told.
Is it too late? Will Liverpool
fans forgive?
The cynical move by the
Liverpool club – the fans are
not to give!

But, why is there all this
greed, in the name of football?
Greedy directors – and even
agents – they all hear the
money call!
A good day out for the family –
what no one can afford.
The inflated prices to see a
match – and they want us all
on board!

‘So, please, you greedy football
clubs – think about your fans,
Not everyone earns mega-money –
and can sit in luxury, in the stands.’
‘Please, reduce your ticket prices –
and don’t act like greedy MPs;
‘Or sometime in the future – you’ll
be ‘capped’ to a “ticket-price”


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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