Liverpool FC: Why the Reds can mount a credible title challenge this season

Confidence is at an all-time high at Anfield now more than ever since the arrival of Jurgen Klopp.

The charismatic German only recently marked his first anniversary at the Merseyside club, having replaced Brendan Rodgers in October last year.

Under the stewardship of Rodgers, Liverpool registered a dominant outing during the 2013/14 campaign that could have ended with a title coronation were it not for a misfortunate ‘Stevie G’ slip.

Other than that though, the Reds were for the most part a laughing stock of the Premier League, more so with Brendan’s post-match sentiments that revolved around ‘philosophy’ and ‘showing great character’, even after a – for lack of a better word – rubbish performance.

Out went Rodgers and in came Klopp who has not only instilled confidence back to The Kopp End, but most importantly to the players.

Klopp is renowned for transforming average Joes into world class players, something he exceeded and excelled at with Borussia Dortmund, and is seemingly a work in progress at Liverpool.

Under his patronage, the Reds have registered high profile wins against the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City, and the two cup finals which cannot go without mention- all achieved with Liverpool’s thin squad within his first 12 months.

Jurgen seems to have molded the squad in his own likeness, with the current Liverpool team playing more and more like his former sides in Mainz and Dortmund.

Liverpool currently occupy the last Champions League spot with 16 points after seven games, a mere two points behind League leaders Manchester City.

Having convincingly beaten both Arsenal and Chelsea thus far into the season, can Liverpool bulldoze their way to the helm of the Premier League come May 2017?

I can reluctantly admit without driving past the last exit to relevance that Liverpool are well within the title chase this season.

Manchester City may currently be at the summit of the Premier League log, but Tottenham look like Liverpool’s fiercest rival to clinching the title.

Mauricio Pochettino put up an impressive showing as his side drilled past Manchester City right before the international break, and having come close last season, no question the Argentine wants to finish the job this time round.

Both Liverpool and Spurs have the tendency of running at their opponents all match long.

Tiring as it is, the results being grinded out- especially against the bigger teams- is a living testament of their cause.

Although their meeting ended in a stalemate in August, how Klopp deals with Pochettino during the reverse encounter in the second half of the season remains to be seen.

The fact that refuses to go away however, is that Liverpool are very much in the title contention this season.


Written by Brian Humphrey

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