Feature: Most Common Sports Injuries

We all love to do a bit of exercise now and again, whether it’s a quick jog or a long walk, playing football with friends or in a competitive match.  However, sometimes we do just a small bit too much which leads to an injury and requiring a sports injury massage.  This will get you back up to fitness as it helps to heal your injury quickly.

Unfortunately picking up a knock or straining a muscle is all part of exercising, and here are some of the most common sports injuries and how to prevent them.


Achilles Tendinitis

Excessive exercising, mainly running, can cause your Achilles tendon – at the back of your heel –  to become inflamed, leaving you in a lot of discomfort and unable to exercise.  If this injury is not tended to it can become very painful and a long-term problem when wanting to exercise further.

If your Achilles begins to play up, be sure to get an icepack on it as soon as possible and avoid any further exercise until it is cleared up.

To avoid damaging your Achilles altogether, it is a good idea to strengthen your calf muscles and stretch properly before exercising.


Shin Splints

This is often quite a problem with people who aren’t used to exercise a lot.  The pain occurs around the shins, hence the name, and is caused by the muscles around the bone becoming inflamed.

Good ways to avoid shin splints are to gradually increase workout intensity (rather than suddenly), wear well supported shoes and stretching before your workout.

If you still suffer from shin splints, try getting a sports injury massage to help your muscles heal before working out again.


Lower Back Pain

This injury can be very frustrating, as it can begin to play up as soon as you start running.  Although not very common among athletes and fit people, it can be caused by even the smallest differences in length between your two legs.

If this is the case, and it’s not just that you are slightly unfit, the only way to get this corrected is by paying a visit to a sports injury clinic or a chiropractor.


Pulled Muscle

How many times have we seen sports stars being stretchered off because a pulled muscle?  The most common pulled muscle amongst sports stars are the hamstrings, which are constantly being contracted while running.

If the hamstring is weak, running can cause it to tear or pull which brings about searing pain and quite a lengthy recovery period.  Proper stretching and regular exercise will decrease your chances of pulling your hamstring, but if you do, be sure to get a sports injury massage to speed up the healing process.


Runner’s Knee

A very common sort of injury, this is caused by consistent irritation of the tendon below your kneecap.  Although called runner’s knee, it is not limited to runners as it can happen to any variety of athletes.

If your knee begins to play up and irritate you, rest it for at least two days and apply ice regularly.  Having proper footwear is also great at preventing this injury.


This article was written by Alex Girardi, who recommends www.fitzwilliamhealth.ie when you need a sports injury massage to recover from an injury.

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