A Football Poem: Aleksandr Orlov and Sergei play Meerkat Football

My name is Aleksandr
Orlov, and I am now
a meerkat footballer,
I cannot play in the
goal – because I need
to be taller!
I will be the referee,
and Sergei will be in
goal –
Oleg will be meerkat
striker – but he cannot
get the ball?

We are playing in the
England – in the English
Premier League –
Where all the footballers
are very rich – I have
to join indeed.
Playing also in the USA –
and scoring lots of goals,
Sergei is no good – he
always has to crawls!!!!

But, we are the meerkat
professionals – and we
have to play the same,
But if I do not score any
goal – Sergei I will blame.
Off we run onto the pitch –
it is so real grass,
But Sergei looks so daft
in shorts – he’s such a
silly ass!!!!

We like the O-Posts –
super blog – they like our
writing friend,
Hello to Sir Darryl Ashton –
he writes a brand new
We love to play in America –
we feel like movie stars,
But Sergei tries to kiss me –
when I’m watching the
Star Wars!!!!

We also play the soccer – in
sunny Africa –
I run all over the hot land –
we need to drink more
The Meerkat’s will play
England – for a silver solid
But Oleg cannot play today –
he is just a pup!!
Sergei thinks he’s the best –
I let him down gently –
He’s too old, and far too
slow – he used to run so

We have to get real – and
we cannot play the soccer –
We leave that to the humans –
then I give them all a lecture.
Sergei likes the football – and
he plays with his furry pimple –
Now he watches on meerkat
TV – it’s all incredibly SIMPLE!!!!
We have to be professional –
and not to be the groovy’s,
Being in the English Football
Premier League – is better
than Hollywood Movies.

We do not like to kiss each
other – we shake our claws
to celebrate –
It just doesn’t look right –
Sergei knows his fate!!!!
We will always be the better
team – but Sergei is now a
‘Being in charge of IT – and
playing his computermabob!!!!’
So, now we watch the football,
on large screen television –
Welcome to meerkat football –
now it’s intermission!!!!!!


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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