Football Poem: The Golden Boot of Football Award

The golden boot of football,
is given only to a select few,
So if you surely want one –
you must now join a queue.
This award is an honour –
and it salutes the player’s
The golden football boot
award – is also internationally.

The golden football boot
ward – is a prize to hold
and cherish,
The only thing you cannot
do is smother the boot in
Every player drools, and
would love to own this boot –
But you really have to be
exceptional – and wear a
very smart suit.

It really is a privilege to
hold up high this award,
Everyone does want it – but
you have to be a soccer
The golden football boot,
is a special prize for sure,
Only the cream of the crop,
can feel the boot’s amour.

So let us see the players –
who tend to win this as a
big surprise.
When they lift the golden
boot – tears do fill their eyes.
From England through to
the Europe greats – and also
far and wide,
Every football player in the
world today – this football
boot we abide.

So, who will seek this golden
boot out – and cherish it
for ever?
Whoever is awarded it – it
will be their true endeavour.
From world cup greats – the
list is there – all the players’
now on board:
‘Ladies and gentleman I ask
you now – who’ll win the
golden football boot award?’


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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