Connect in the back of the net

Love me tender, love
my football, tell me you
are mine,
For it’s you that I do
love – and our hearts
Love me tender, love
football – we are the
Welcome to the Premier
League, we don’t
accept defeat.

Love me tender, we love
you – we mean that oh
so true,
For our O-Posts are
always there – we rely
on you.

Love me tender, I do
play, this is my home
For you have been
good to me – creating
such intrigue.
Love me tender, love
football – we are the
champions –
For my darling I love
you – the darling soccer

Love me tender, love
our game, this is what
we do,
For our darling football
team – you are the
special few.

Love me tender, love
the sport, the light is
shining bright.
We are playing at
home today – we do
feel such delight.
Love us tender, love
the sport – for we can’t
always win,
For my darlings we
will win – and this is
not a sin!

Love my footy, love
my team, you really
are a dream.
For on the pitch you
do deliver – and
cause us all to scream.

Love me tender, love
the ref, for he is in
full charge.
He is always booking
us – for a foul of a
shoulder barge.
Love him tender, love
his style, the ref is
like a thistle,
When he retires from
the game – he’ll blow
the final whistle.

Love me tender, love
football, the O-Posts
team are great.
They are up to date
for us – this we

Love me tender, I’m
in love – with the
skills of the modern
All the players we
do see – but I do
not know their name.
Love me tender, love
football – it is a very
rich sport,
When you run out on
to the pitch – the ball
is in your court.

Love me tender, love
the dream – we really
are the host.
The world’s best league’s
are all on show, thanks
to our O-Posts.

Love me tender, we
love bath time, who’s
now pinched the soap?
If we score some goals
today – we can all elope.
Love me tender, love us
true, this football we all
do play,
Never wondering why
we play – except for our
massive pay!


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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