Jose Mourinho: Why the Special One won’t last long at United

The former Chelsea manager and club legend was sacked just after 30 months and 136 games into his second stint at Chelsea.

After making promises to stay for a long time this time around sighting maturity as the main reason to stay put, but it wasn’t what it turned out to be as he — with odds stacked against him at – was later sacked and replaced by caretaker Gus Hiddink.

Here are the reasons he will be sacked again at Manchester United.



After rising to fame during his time at Inter and Chelsea respectively, Mourinho has been known as the best in the business (The Special One) and this fame has caused him to lose track of his record.

He set a standard but now he can not live up to his hype because of his I know it all attitude.


Losing the dressing room

After losing the dressing room at Real Madrid and recently at Chelsea, it seems he hasn’t learned his lesson.

Normally, he doesn’t respect his players as we remember how badly he treated Casillas at Real and substituting Matic on/off within 20 minutes.

Now he is repeating the same mistakes at United like subbing Mata on/off within 30 minutes. This may seem as a simple matter, but such acts will eventually lose his players.


Poor results

Managers are judged by the team’s performances just as strikers are judged by goals they score.

After a series of bad results and no hope of resurrection, he will eventually be shown the exit door.

This season United must get back to the Champions League, if they can not do that then Mourinho will be in trouble.

Only if and only if Mourinho is careful enough to avoid these three things he will stay put, but I do not see him changing any time soon.


Written by Jonathan Zyolo Liganga

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