Premier League: What methods do the top teams use to prep for the new season?

Many football fans appreciate the hard work that players put into getting ready for a new season, but many fans do not realize that the break between seasons is filled with training instead of holidays and relaxation.

Players continue to work to make sure they are in good physical form and ready for the next season.


Why is pre-season preparation important?

Some players do not enjoy the pre-season process. It can be difficult, but they know that they have to do it if they want to be in top form.  So what does it involve?

Plenty of fitness training goes on pre-season, and running is a major part of that. In recent years, the use of modern technology in pre-season training has put more pressure on players. Players are no longer just sent out on runs; they are monitored closely with heart monitors and GPS systems so that their data can be evaluated by doctors. Any blip in their fitness is seen as an immediate red flag.

High intensity interval training is another major part of this. It is challenging because this training consists of short actions performed over and over again. Interval training helps them have the same fitness and dedication levels at the end of the game that they have at the start. In some cases, players have training programs tailored to their individual needs rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

Pre-season games and friendlies are a great way for managers to gauge how well the players are progressing with their training and to see who excels and who needs to work a little harder.
How are injuries avoided?

An injury can be devastating for the player and also not so great for the team. A player that is injured during the pre-season process won’t be fit at the start of the new season. Pre-season training is also important because if players are not fit when the new season kicks off, they are more likely to incur an injury.

Therefore, during pre-season, players learn about their own fitness and work on any small issues they have. They deal with any weaknesses so that they are properly prepared and less likely to be injured. Good quality kit, the standard equipment and attire worn by players, is also important.

The high quality kit provided by Tommie Copper not only protects and supports players, but it also gives teams and fans the additional peace of mind that they are supporting the Tommie Cares charity, an organization dedicated to helping those with physical or developmental special needs.

So the few weeks between seasons is not so much for resting or living it up, but for players to work on their own health and fitness and show that they still deserve their place on the team.


Written by Eain

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