A Football Poem: Wayne Rooney – My Time Is Running Up

My name is Wayne Rooney, I
am the captain of England,
But now my positions under
threat, the new manager
is in command.

I am in my mid thirties, and
I’m not getting any younger,
They may recruit some new
blood – someone with more

I don’t know what the future
holds – and my Man U days
are numbered.
But I sill draw my massive
wages – my playing days
I have surrendered.

Big Sam Allardyce is now
making changes,
He is recruiting whole new
younger blood – this hasn’t
been done for ages.

Even Jose Mourinho – is
making sweeping changes.
He wants to bring back
‘the glory years’ – they
haven’t seen them in

The team is being cleaned
out – and Rooney is no
longer required,
Because now in his mid
30s – I bet he’s feeling

Now Big Sam Allardyce
says; ‘he’s going to bring
in some fresh talent.’
But that doesn’t guarantee
them winning – but he
really is so defiant

Too much money does
rule the football – and
all the love has gone.
Can Big Sam Allardyce
be successful, his trial
has now begun!

So will Jose Mourinho –
and big Sam Allardyce
both bring back the
“glory years”?
Or, as it is “predicted” –
will it all end in tears!!!!

The ball is n their hands,
and the clock is ticking
But why does Jose
Mourinho – always
wear a frown?!

So, will it be goodbye
to Rooney, as he
retires from Man U.
Or, is there a little
twist to come – that’s
between me and you!

Whatever happens he
can’t complain – he’s
had a rich career,
But the day Wayne
Rooney does retire –
he may just shed a


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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