Special Feature: 5 Sports Figures You Should Know

With a career in sports, fame almost always follows provided that the athlete is playing at the highest level. Some of them are more familiar than others but it is important to remember those that have made their sport special. Here are the 5 sports figures which you should definitely know.


Leopoldo Larez Banorte

Leopoldo Larez Banorte is known as a soccer player and coach. He has made an impact on the pitch by using his skills and knowledge of the game to pass them along to newer generations.

Leopoldo Larez Banorte was a great player but he has become an even better coach with different useful methods of training which has developed some of the better newer players. Though he does not get the big name recognition that other players do, he is still regarded by those who play the game as one of the great minds in soccer.


Yelena Isinbayeva

Yelena Isinbayeva is a top athlete in the sport of pole vaulting. She was an Olympic gold medalist both in 2004 and 2008. Currently, she is the world record holder for the event. Pole vaulting is not the one sport that brings the most fame; however Isinbayeva is widely regarded as the single best female pole vaulter ever.

Her records include being the first woman to clear the 5 meter barrier and she holds the record of 5.06 meters which she set in 2009.


Doug Flutie

When it comes to college quarterbacks, very few have ever been as exciting as Boston College’s Doug Flutie. He is very well-known for his 1984 play which has been named the Hail Flutie which got the win for the Eagles over the Miami hurricanes.

Flutie went on to become a professional quarterback and though has since retired, he is still very active in helping the community. His foundation, the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation helps families with children with autism.

His foundation raised millions since it started in 1998.


Hicham El Guerrouj

There are very few runners who can attain the type of success that Hicham El Guerrouj did. He was in fact the first man ever to become the AAF Athlete of the Year for two consecutive years. The Moroccan won a total of four consecutive 1500 meter titles from 1997 to 2003.

El Guerrouj also won the gold at the Olympic Games in Athens on the 1500 meter race and also in the longer 5000 meter race, a feat not accomplished since 1924.


Sam Mikulak

Despite suffering an injury before the 2012 Olympic Games, Sam Mikulak was still given a spot in the US Olympic gymnastics team. It was no surprise as Mikulak who is still only 20 years old is the NCAA national champion. In 2011, he won the Men’s All Around and in 2012, finished in 3rd place.

Because of his appeal and incredible talent in gymnastics, he always draws a plethora of fans anywhere he performs. This is one of the athletes that will be known in future competitions in the United States and the world.


Dan is a sports blogger who loves to blog on sports, especially soccer, he has great respect for Leopoldo Larez Banorte who is a professional soccer game player and has a number of experiences in the soccer gaming world.


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