Wembley Stadium: The Magic of a Timeless English Landmark

The football players I see at the Wembley Stadium,
looking so splendour,
It invites me to look closer –
the magic I will capture?
The stadium is so awesome,
it feels fit for a king,
And when I move even
closer – I even start to sing!

I see the Wembley Stadium,
it really does look grand,
I have to get even closer –
and listen to the band.
It is a fabulous stadium, as
legend already knows,
The home of internationals –
and where the fans all roars.

The magic Wembley Stadium,
is a sight to behold,
Many teams have been
privileged – a story to be told?
England have played there –
and also Scotland, too,
Even Wales and Ireland – all
are in the queue!

All the world class teams have
graced this awesome stadium,
Brazil and also Germany –
and Holland is the spectrum.
South America are also there –
with Argentina and Chile,
All have played at Wembley –
a privilege of duty.

So the magic that is Wembley,
the stadium of football,
You may get the chance to
play there – but you have to
score a goal!
From Wembley Stadium, we
welcome you – to watch these
world class teams,
Where you can see the stars
in action – and not only in your
knew – were the cream of
the crop.
And when they went on the
pitch – we’d see who came
out on top?
I remember Francis Lee,
and Mike Summerbee,
Then came Colin Bell,
who all played for
Manchester City.

Even the Arsenal – now
they also were the stunners.
From Charlie George – to
Pat Jennings – they were
the brilliant’ Gunners!
At Highbury they played –
every match an epic,
Even their manager –
George Graham was a

Leeds United were also
there, all dressed in
virginal white.
All their brilliant players –
a magical delight.
From Billy Bremner, to
Peter Lorimar – and Allan
Clarke, too,
They really were a dynamic
team – one heck of a crew!

All the teams of the golden
years – so many I could
They all played so brilliant –
at their chosen game.
Kevin Keegan and John
Toshack – and also Jimmy
They all were simply
superb – they had magic
up their sleeves!!!!

And even when it was
snowing – the lads would
all stall play,
They ran about all over the
place – they simply enjoyed
their day.
The fans all cheered – and
some really swore,
But everyone enjoyed
themselves – then a player
would often score!!!!

The magic days out at the
football match, really was a
The players all entertaining
us – the ball was at their
The final whistle was then
blown, and everyone just
Then before the arrival of
health and safety – the
grounds were carefully

The golden years of the
football teams – and the
football players,
We idolised all the greats –
and we even shed some
Now we move forward to
a whole new generation –
and start a new found
‘What a fabulous sport we
do have – our football
team’s creation?’


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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