A Football Poem: Welcome to Sunderland Football Club, Mr. Moyes

We are Sunderland Football Club,
and we’re searching for a new
We’ve lost Sam Allardyce – and
now we feel real anger.

He was poached by the elite,
of the English FA,
To take up a new job – as
England manager, we are
now in disarray!

But we are still in the English
Premier League – so that is
some consolation
We have to do a recruitment
drive – we daren’t make any

We aim to get the best we
can – to be one of the boys.
“What? Who did you say?
that geezer David Moyes?”

“Didn’t he manage Manchester
United – but he wasn’t very
Alex Ferguson hyped him up –
just like we knew he would!”
David Moyes for Sunderland,
well, really, I have my doubts.

Maybe we should hire him,
give him second chance.
He just might surprise us all –
help, I’m in a trance!

Let’s all sit round the
boardroom table – and pass
the cookie jar!
We can all discuss David Moyes,
drinking at the bar!

We know he failed at Man U –
but he might just prove us
And he might even be a hit –
who knows? But his footballing
CV says; ‘so long!’

David Moyes, the canny scot,
let’s see what he can do.
He might just be brilliant – for
the canny’ Sunderland crew!

A new ere is now born, as
Sunderland fans make their
My lords, ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome; ‘David Moyes!’


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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