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The most controversial team in Germany, like it or not, are here to stay.

They have a LOT of money, a lot of young talent and play very exciting football.

They are hated very much in Germany, but Bayern Munich seem unstoppable at points, and the Bundesliga desperately needs them to have a rival to challenge them.

Here are five things RB Leipzig must do to close the gap with Bayern.


1) They must keep their star players.

This one is quite obvious, but the money that’s going to be thrown at Leipzig this summer it would be hard to turn down, not just for the club, but for the players.

They are guaranteed Champions League next season so that does give a reason for players like Keita, Werner, Forsberg and Orban to stay.


2) Keep playing the same style

One team I can compare Leipzig to is Monaco. They both have such young squads with so much energy.

They are, in my opinion, the two most exciting sides in Europe currently. They just don’t stop attacking with real determination.

A lot of this is obviously down to the coach Ralph Hasenhüttl, who has been previously linked with the Arsenal job, but in all honestly, staying at Leipzig would be a far smarter career choice.


3) Spend money, but also buy experience

Leipzig have the youngest team in the Bundesliga and to go a whole season not falling behind Bayern will be hard if you don’t have players who have won titles before.

Vincent Kompany seems so be someone who is not wanted by Pep Guardiola.

If Leipzig could get Kompany and pray that he doesn’t get injured, they will have one of the best defenders in the world leading the team by example.

Leipzig also need another striker to support Werner better than Poulsen. The first player that comes to mind is Karim Benzema, but that sounds a little unrealistic.

I would be very surprised if Kaspar Dolberg hasn’t been thought of by the club as the 19 year old is one of the best upcoming players in the world, and he seems a perfect fit for a team like Leipzig.


4) Don’t listen to the media

If you type in RB Leipzig to Google, pages of hate come up.

Yes they are a business, but nowadays, especially in the Premier League, who isn’t? They could become Bayern’s kryptonite.

Dortmund sell their best players every season and buy either average players or young, inexperienced players to replace them.

But if the players let the hate get into their heads, it could completely change the way they play.

Almost every player who has moved to Leipzig has been attacked with people calling them ‘money grabbers’ and telling them that ‘you’re everything wrong with modern football’.

The players have to ignore this like Bayern do to continue to progress.


5) The fans need always be behind the team

German football fans are absolutely mental. They are always so loud.

This is so important to the players.

Leipzig fans haven’t really had a ‘bad time’ yet and when they do they need to get behind the players and push them on, not like in the Premier League where one player makes a mistake and they can’t drop it for the rest of their career.

In Germany things are done differently.

I highly recommend you watch a video called ‘Bravo, Stuttgart Fans! Consoling Youngster Baumgartl’ by the Bundesliga YouTube channel. It shows how fans should treat their players and it really does mean a lot to them.

If Leipzig can get behind their players and develop a strong connection, the whole team will become much stronger.


Written by Andy Doorbar

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