Chelsea: Are the Club’s Days of Spending Big Over?

At a time when clubs used money they earned to spend big on players, in 2010 Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea FC for £140 million and has spent £2 billion in 10 years at Chelsea.

Now Chelsea are more concerned on selling for the most and by succeeding in the big money sales of David Luiz, Romelu Lukaku and others, this could be a trend they intend to continue.

It had been rumoured that Chelsea did have a bid accepted for Pogba for £80 million but the player rejected to move so they money is there for the right player.



The problem is the calibre of player Chelsea want and need is a player many other elite clubs will want and need and now Chelsea are tasting their own medicine as other teams are willing to overpay to get their player.

FFP has certainly halted Chelsea’s spending but this has been the intention from the Chelsea board as they planned and succeeded in staying within the FFP guidelines.

In terms of shirt sponsorship, Chelsea have never really earned the amount that would be acceptable for a club of its stature and it seems just as things are looking up in terms of sponsorship with Nike on board for the 2017/2018 season.

Unfortunately, this comes at a time when the club have failed to make it to the Champions League finishing in 10th place which means they will lose out on at least £40 million which takes away from the money coming in.


Selling to buy

Unless Chelsea are selling a large number of players (the 30+ players on loan) or fringe players to fund new players, with the inflated fees for players these days they would have to sell a star player to buy another star player and that hardly makes sense.

The Blues will be looking for bargains and young players who can become star players in 2-3 years and no longer overspending on players but with all the talk about playing the youth or Jose Mourinho’s lack thereof, Conte has a big task on hand.

However, with a new manager comes new ideas and his ability to spend wisely which he showed at Juventus (Pogba on a free transfer is simply an amazing coup) will certainly help him in his time at Stamford Bridge.


Written by Jonathan Roberts

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