A Football Poem: The Curse of Mental Illness in Football

I am a famous footballer
and I suffer with my
But I can get some help –
because I do have so
much wealth.

My club I will not name –
but they do all care for
I suffer from an illness
which is invisible, I really
want to be FREE.

My focus is to get better
and play my football still,
Every day, and every night,
I constantly take a pill.

This illness can’t be seen,
and it invades you’re soul,
Causing constant mood
swings – and feeling really

But I am a famous footballer,
it can’t happen to me.
I want to get better again,
I also want to be free.

It doesn’t matter what I
earn, as the money means
I just want to get better, no,
I am not bluffing!

Yes, I am in a position, a
very privileged position,
I can get some professional
help – despite my superstition.

I know a lot of people who,
also suffer like me,
All we want is to be free
from this illness, ‘please,
where is the key?’

I am a famous footballer,
and I do feel such distress,
I just want to escape my
enemy; ‘the invading,
mental illness.’

So if we all stand together,
we’ll feel ten feet tall,
And banish mental illness,
with the help of playing


Written by Darryl Ashton Darryl Ashton

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