Man United: All Good Things Must Come To An End

Manchester United’s unbeaten run comes to an end at the Emirates Stadium as Arsene Wenger breaks his curse against Jose Mourinho.

This was Arsene Wenger’s first Premier League win against Mourinho in the last 13 attempts. Clearly a historical step forward as Arsenal aim to narrow down the gap to the top four.

Sitting six points below fourth-placed Manchester City, there is still hope of reaching Champions League football next season.


Well deserved

A heavily deflected strike by Granit Xhaka and Danny Welbeck’s header against his former team earned Arsenal three crucial points.

“It’s the first time I leave Highbury or Emirates and they [Arsenal fans] are happy.” said Jose Mourinho after Arsene Wenger’s men broke United’s 25-game unbeaten run in the top flight.

“I left Highbury they were crying, I left the Emirates they were crying. They were walking the streets with their heads low” claimed Mourinho before stating he was happy Arsenal fans had the chance to celebrate for a change.

However, the Arsenal manager was adamant in playing down his well deserved Premier League victory against Mourinho stating that “at the end of the day it’s between two teams” and not only a clash between managers.

“I dont think its a manager against manager as well..I think sometimes you will be less successful with some than others.” said Wenger.


Good day

Overall, It was a good day for the Gunners as Liverpool drew against Southampton at Anfield earlier in the day.

Nonetheless, Arsene Wenger is aware of the challenge that lies ahead.

“We have the chance mathematically, but we need some help as well” claims the Frenchman as they prepare to face Southampton on Wednesday.

“The best help we can get is to focus and win our games.”

The Gunners will certainly be looking forward to another successful matchday as they aim to move up to fifth place with their game in hand.


Written by Fernando Pocasangre

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